Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR)

All businesses operating in Poland must regularly identify and report so-called tax schemes. Such reportable arrangements may arise not only as a result of streamlining or optimisation efforts but also as part of ordinary business activities.

We provide our clients with customised MDR assistance, including by:

  • Holding diagnostic meetings
  • Developing tax scheme identification and reporting procedures that take account of the company’s business specificity and associations
  • Providing training and workshop experience for personnel covered by MDR procedures
  • Helping our clients to identify and classify arrangements for MDR purposes
  • Helping our clients to prepare a complete MDR report required by Tax Code Chapter 11a

Our MDR services are rendered to ensure that, as their direct result:

  • Those involved in MDR compliance processes have their reporting responsibilities precisely defined
  • The mandatory disclosure duties owed to tax authorities and other entities are accurately and timely complied with
  • MDR-related criminal liability risks for management and staff are effectively managed
  • Employees are aware how the quality and timeliness of reporting and disclosures affects the safety of the company and its personnel
Ewelina Buczkowska
Ewelina Buczkowska

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