Tax Reviews and Due Diligence

With the digitization of tax compliance and reporting recently on the rise, the tax authorities have better means of ensuring effective scrutiny. At the same time, numerous regulations have been introduced, expanding the criminal liability of senior executives in the context of management representations that are required for tax purposes. In such circumstances, ensuring tax compliance becomes a matter of paramount importance in the constantly changing regulatory environment.

We offer broad annual tax reviews as well as narrowly focused tax reviews. Our tax reviews are designed to:

  • Verify if your tax affairs are in compliance with the law and the case practice of tax authorities and courts
  • Identify tax risk areas and offer risk mitigation or elimination solutions
  • Identify unexploited tax efficiencies

Regular tax reviews help to limit risk, whether for the company as a whole or for its managers.

Rafał Kosiń
Rafał Kosiń

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