WH-OSC follow-up statements are due soon. For withholding agents whose tax years coincide with calendar year, the due date for WH-OSC filing for 2023 is 31 January 2024.

A WH-OSC 2023 follow-up statement applies to withholding tax on passive income (dividend, interest, royalties) which exceeded PLN 2 million in 2023. The statement must be filed by any withholding agent who:

  • first made an initial WH-OSC filing having applied Polish statutory tax exemption or treaty rate in relation to such income payments, and then
  • made further income payments to the same recipient in 2023.

Withholding agents should now determine if they are under an obligation to file WH-OSC follow-up statements and, if so, make sure the filing is made on time.

As in the case of initial WH-OSC statements, the follow-up statement must also be made only by a designated board member.

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